How much is the American Gothic painting worth?

$6.96 million
DES MOINES (AP) — A Grant Wood painting that sold for $6.96 million at a Sotheby’s auction may be a record for the artist who was immortalized with “American Gothic.”

Is American Gothic an original painting or is it copied?

American Gothic is a 1930 painting by Grant Wood in the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago. Wood was inspired to paint what is now known as the American Gothic House in Eldon, Iowa, along with “the kind of people [he] fancied should live in that house”.

Where is the original painting of American Gothic?

Royal Academy of Arts (2017–2017)
School of the Art Institute of Chicago (since 1930)
American Gothic/Locations

Who is the famous artist that painted American Gothic?

Grant Wood
In American Gothic, Grant Wood directly evoked images of an earlier generation by featuring a farmer and his daughter posed stiffly and dressed as if they were, as the artist put it, “tintypes from my old family album.” They stand outside of their home, built in an 1880s style known as Carpenter Gothic.

Why is American Gothic painting so famous?

American Gothic has become so famous as an image that many people don’t realize that it actually was—and still is—a painting. In their minds, it is no longer an object. In some ways, the idea of an original has become degraded in our digital era.

Why is the American Gothic painting so famous?

How much is the Dogs Playing Poker painting worth?

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) – Two “Dogs Playing Poker” paintings cleaned house at Doyle New York’s annual Dogs in Art Auction, fetching a staggering $590,400, the auction house said.

How much would Mona Lisa sell for?

If inflation is taken into account, the Mona Lisa is valued at more than $850 million. A year later it was covered for $100 million, setting the Guinness World Record for the highest insurance amount ever for a fine art auction (in conjunction with the 2021 sale of $870 million).