How old is Prue in Wildwood?

Prue McKeel, age 13, is a precocious seventh grader with a talent for nature drawing, an encyclopedic knowledge of birds from a book, and takes Honors English with her classmate Curtis.

Is Wildwood a good book?

The answer is mostly yes. Wildwood is a warm, lively story that’s fully committed to its 9- to 12-year-old intended readership and mercifully free of any winking towards indie rock hipsters. Though not without flaws, this is a real children’s book that real children might like.

Where does Wildwood book take place?

It’s the city that inspired the Wildwood Chronicles, an illustrated fantasy adventure series from Colin Meloy (the lead singer/songwriter for the Decemberists) and Carson Ellis (an artist and illustrator), which revolves around Wildwood, a hidden world on the edge of Portland.

Is there a Wildwood movie?

Wildwood is based on the children’s fantasy book of the same name by The Decemberists frontman Colin Meloy and artist Carson Ellis. The film takes place in the mysterious, otherworldly realm called—you guessed it—Wildwood.

What is the theme of Wildwood?

Wildwood uses a children’s fantasy adventure as a vehicle to explore political themes. The book examines which form of government is best to promote the happiness of all its citizens. The various regions of the Wood employ distinct forms of government and distinct views toward diplomacy with their neighbors.

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