Is Billy Fuccillo dying?

June 2021Billy Fuccillo / Date of death

Who owns Fuccillo Toyota Grand Island?

Fogarty said legendary auto sales mogul Billy Fuccillo senior is retired in Florida and his son, Billy Fuccillo Jr., is now president of the Fuccillo company at 31 years old.

How many car dealerships does Billy Fuccillo own?

He was 64. At his peak, Fuccillo was said to own more than 25 dealerships, primarily in New York and Florida including a large dealership, the “Fuccillo Automotive Group,” in Adams. He recently sold five locations in Syracuse and Rochester, according to CNY Central.

What did Billy Fuccillo the car dealer died from?

Fuccillo’s health had declined over the past year after he suffered a stroke, and he sold his Cape Coral, Florida, home to the family of Kevin Ruane for $2.25 million, the Fort Myers News-Press reported. He was living in Sarasota, Florida, at the time of his death.

How is Billy Fuccillo health?

Fuccillo died June 18 after a long illness. He was originally from Long Island and later attended Syracuse University. He was known for his famous commercial catchphrase: “It’s huuuuuge!” Fuccillo was also an avid golfer and supporter of charity causes who touched the lives of many New Yorkers.

Did Fuccillo sell his dealerships?

In late 2020 the Fuccillo Kia dealerships in Cape Coral and Port Charlotte were sold to a Delaware-based corporation, LMP Automotive Holdings. To read Fuccillo’s obituary, visit here.

When did Billy Fuccillo pass away?

June 2021Billy Fuccillo / Date of death
— Hundreds of New Yorkers attended public calling hours for legendary car salesman and philanthropist Billy Fuccillo on Thursday, remembering his charisma and kindness. Fuccillo died June 18 after a long illness.

Where did Billy Fuccillo live?

Known for his advertisements offering “huge” savings, William Bruce Fuccillo Sr. died Thursday in his home in Sarasota, Florida.

Where was Billy Fuccillo buried?

Peter Church, 301 Ash St., Syracuse, NY. Private entombment will take place in Woodlawn Cemetery Mausoleum.

Did Billy Fuccillo sell his dealerships?

— Auto dealer Billy Fuccillo has sold his three dealerships in the Syracuse area and two in the Rochester area to Vestal-based Matthews Auto Group. Matthews announced Wednesday it has acquired Fuccillo Kia and Fuccillo Nissan, both on Route 31 in Clay, and Fuccillo Hyundai on Erie Boulevard East in Syracuse.

Where is Caroline Renfro now?

She’s a professional spokesperson from North Carolina who also has promoted the Charlotte Bobcats basketball team and a supermarket chain based near Charlotte. Fuccillo hired her after seeing her doing commercials for a Kia dealership in the Carolinas. Fuccillo and Renfro now tape about 35 TV commercials a month.

Why is Fuccillo Kia selling?

Fuccillo’s health had declined over the past year, and he’d sold his Cape Coral home last year to Lee County Commissioner and former Sanibel Mayor Kevin Ruane’s family trust for $2.25 million.