Is fop2 free?

It’s a free download. FOP2 will work for up to 15 buttons in free/demo mode. If you want to unlock it and remove that limit so you can see any number of buttons on screen, you can purchase a license.

How do I access fop2?

Login in. If everything is in place and fop2 server is running, you will be presented with the login box. Use your extension and password as defined in /usr/local/fop2/fop2. cfg to login.

What is Op_server PL?

DESCRIPTION. This program is a proxy server for the Flash Operator Panel. It reads configuration files and updates the data to display on the panel.

How do I revoke my fop2 license?

You cannot revoke invalidated or broken licenses. If your license is invalid or broken because of a server crash or similar, you can contact us requesting a manual revocation. You are entitled to request a manual revoke 3 times. After that your activation code will become invalid and you will need to buy a new license.

What is flash operator panel (fop2)?

Video 16: How to Set-up Flash Operator Panel (FOP2) This video instructs you on administering and using a Flash Operator Panel called FOP2 for your phone system.  FOP2 shows operators visibility into the status of other extensions on the phone system and gives them action buttons to make using and administering calls simple and efficient.

How to pass command line parameters to fop2 at startup?

Apart for the script themselves, there is also an OPTIONS file you should edit to pass extra command line parameters to FOP2 at startup. For example, if you want to enable debug, or set a specific NIC interface to bound the license to, you should edit that file and add the parameters there.

Does fop2 work without Flash Player?

Since version 2.20, FOP2 will try to use HTML5 websocket when available, so Flash is not a requirement anymore providing that your web browser supports websocket. Flash is still needed for listening to voicemails from the Voicemail Explorer though.

How do I install fop2 on asterisk?

If you are using a suported backend (Issabel, Ombutel, PBX in a flash, Trixbox and many others) there is a really simple way to install FOP2 and have it configured automatically. It even works on vanilla Asterisk installs. You must log into your server command line via ssh or similar, and then run the following command: