Is Ivy a villain in Soul Calibur?

Ivy is considered evil by many due to her Machiavellian philosophy and her appearance. She only wanted to acquire Soul Calibur by any means to sever her bond with Soul Edge. When facing her opponents, she spites them with dramatic words and she takes advantage of her unique weapon, which she invented.

Is Ivy Cervantes daughter?

In the game, she is the illegitimate daughter of undead pirate Cervantes de Leon who was raised by a noble family until her father became obsessed with the cursed sword, Soul Edge, leading to his death and later her mother’s.

How old is Ivy from Soul Calibur?

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Isabella “Ivy” Valentine
Age: 28 (SC1) 32 (SC2-4) Stopped aging at 32, 49 chronologically (SC5)
Birthplace: London, British Empire
Birthday: December 10, 1558

Why does Ivy dress like that?

This outfit makes sense for her storyline. It fit her aristocratic upbringing and foreshadowed the reveal of her biological father, the undead pirate Cervantes. After the first couple of games, though, Ivy’s alternate outfit design stopped being as butch and slid back over to more conventional and feminine.

Is an Ivy a flower?

Ivy (Hedera spp.) refers to a group of woody evergreen climbing vines that are used as plants to cover fences, walls and trellises, as well as ground cover. While some ivy varieties produce flowers, the blooms are not showy. Ivy is instead cultivated for its foliage.

How did Cervantes get Soul Edge?

Receiving an order from a wealthy merchant to find the cursed sword Soul Edge, Cervantes voyaged through the sea and eventually found the sword in the possession of an English dealer. However, the sword gradually corrupted him until his soul was devoured by it.

Is voldo a human?

Voldo was the right-hand man of Italian weapons merchant Vercci, also known as the Merchant of Death.

How old is Xianghua?

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Chai Xianghua
Age: 16 (SC1) 20 (SC2-4)
Birthplace: Peking, Ming Empire
Birthday: April 2, 1570

Who is Kilik?

Kilik (born: 2005 [age 16–17]) is an American gaming YouTuber who uploads videos and streams videos revolving around the Roblox game Deepwoken.

Is ivy A parasite?

Ivy uses trees and walls for support, allowing it to reach upwards to better levels of sunlight. It is not a parasitic plant and has a separate root system in the soil and so absorbs its own nutrients and water as needed.

What is ivy good for?

English ivy is an evergreen plant that offers some surprising benefits. As a houseplant, it may help to purify the air. When ingested, some research suggests that it may provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. In addition, it appears to be useful in reducing cough related to colds and viral infections.

Is Cervantes a ghost?

Cervantes was designed to be something of a ghost pirate. Starting with Soul Edge, Cervantes had peach skin, long white hair with a violet tint and blue eyes and sported a full mustache. His attire consisted of a traditional pirate captain’s uniform.