Is Nikon D5300 a good camera 2020?

The Nikon D5300 is definitely the best budget DSLR you’ll ever hold in your hands. it’s light, it’s compact, and, it has an amazing image quality even in poor lighting at high ISO.

Is Nikon D5300 good for professional photography?

The video quality coming from the D5300 is actually pretty good when compared to any kind of a DSLR with an APS-C sensor, let alone one with such a low price tag. If you can work within some of its limitations, you can actually use this camera for semi-professional work with no problems at all.

What is the Nikon D5300 good for?

The Nikon D5300 offers fantastic DSLR image quality and speed in an ultralight and inexpensive package. Live View lets you shoot photos and videos while held away from your head with a swiveling screen. The D5300 adds GPS, Wi-Fi, even lighter weight and a slightly larger LCD screen over last year’s model, the D5200.

Where is D5300 made?

Nikon D5300

AV Port(s) Mini-HDMI for video, 3.5mm stereo jack for microphone
Data Port(s) USB, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, GPS
Weight 480 grams (16.9 oz) body only
Made in Thailand

Does D5300 shoot 4k?

Nikon D5300 has a 24.0MP APS-C (23.5 x 15.6 mm ) sized CMOS sensor and features Expeed 4 processor. You can shoot at maximum resolution of 6000 x 4000 pixels with aspect ratios of and 3:2.

How old is a Nikon D5300?

Since it first launched in 2015, the Nikon D5300 has been superseded by the D5500 and D5600.

Is D5300 discontinued?

Discontinued – DSLR D5300 – Nikon India Private Limited.

Is Nikon D5300 waterproof?

1-1 of 1 Answer. It is by no means water proof. So take care to not get this camera submerged.

How old is the Nikon D5300?

Is the Nikon D5300 a good camera in 2021?

The Nikon D5300 features a 24MP CMOS sensor, which is still pretty good even in 2021. It comes with an ISO range of 100-12,800, which means its low light shooting capabilities won’t be wildly efficient, but it will definitely get the job done.

Does Nikon D5300 have 4k?

How long does a Nikon D5300 last?

Key specs compared to the Nikon D5200

Nikon D5300 Nikon D5200
Maximum framerate (DX mode) 5 fps
Movie Mode 1080 60p/30p 1080 60i/30p
Battery life (CIPA) 600 shots 500 shots
Dimensions 125 × 98 × 76 mm (4.9 × 3.9 × 3.0 in) 129 x 98 x 78 mm (5.1 x 3.9 x 3.1 in)