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Is odd from Code Lyoko a girl?

He is the youngest of six children (Adele, Pauline, Elizabeth, Marie, Louise, and Odd). His youngest sister is the same age as Yumi, and he is the only boy. Odd is the only Lyoko Warrior whose new avatar doesn’t have fingerless gloves, as they are paws. Odd is the first warrior to get devirtualized on Lyoko.

How did Aelita get stuck in Lyoko?

In Missing Link, the Scyphozoa steals Yumi’s DNA code, forcing her to stay in Lyoko. Aelita chooses to transfer her DNA codes to Yumi, which would leave her memory without protection and X.A.N.A could steal it much more easily. Aelita stops the process, thanks to Ulrich and Odd.

How old is Aelita?

Aelita Schaeffer

Aelita Hopper
age 13-14
weapon Energy field (Gains in Season 3), Creativity, Second Sight, Tarantula Riding, Flight (Gains in Season 4) ,The Ability to activate or deactivate a tower
health 100 LP
profession Student

How many Code Lyoko games are there?

three video
Code Lyoko has been adapted into three video games, two are out in stores. The first is available on the Nintendo DS and is based on the first two seasons, with the last level being based on third season. The second, is released on the Wii, PS2 and PSP. It is based on the show’s fourth season.

Is Yumi older than Ulrich?

Yumi Ishiyama is a highly valued member of the Lyoko Warriors. She is considered the maturest of the group, being a year older than the rest of them (beside William), and takes care of the younger members. She is both Ulrich’s and William’s romantic love interest, and Aelita Schaeffer’s closest friend.

Does Jeremy go into Lyoko?

Jeremy Belpois is a member of Team Lyoko, and the brainiac always present. Jeremie has only gone to Lyoko (or attempted to) a few times because he is afraid of the scanners, despite the fact he operates them. However, he can overcome his fear if his friends and girlfriend are in danger. He is Aelita’s love interest.

What does Xana stand for?


Acronym Definition
XANA Extensible Applications Native Approach

Was Code Lyoko an anime?

Code Lyoko is a French anime-style cartoon with CGI about four kids who discover a virtual world known as Lyoko. ANIMATION: I would say that the animation is comparative with such shows as “The New Adventures of Johnny Quest”. The 2D characters are drawn interestingly, with many sections unrealistically expanded.

Does Code Lyoko have a movie?

Throughout the Code Lyoko franchise, there have been several films and plays in-universe. This article is meant to provide a complete list of the films and plays shown in Code Lyoko. Kadic Academy has a dedicated film club, supervised by Gustave Chardin, who also supervises the plays.

Does Yumi like William?

Although it is often dismissed, she is seen to have a small attraction to William which is often seen at many points in the series. Despite this, Yumi claims he is nothing more than just a friend. These feelings are never ventured, however, rather than just a minor attraction.

Does Jeremy ever get virtualized?

He has been virtualized three times (Frontier, Ghost Channel, and Mister Pück), and only two of the three times he was able to get to Lyoko without any problems. Jeremie’s Lyoko form has yet to be shown and will likely never be shown.

Why did Xana possess William?

X.A.N.A. William is created in Final Round, where William becomes too cocky and ends up being possessed by the Scyphozoa. X.A.N.A. William is released by the Scyphozoa and then dropped on the ground, having his mind and body taken over by X.A.N.A.

What is Code Lyoko?

It’s the emblem that characterises the Lyokofan family: an informal group of people who are however united by a common passion: Code Lyoko. A passion so fiery that it drives us to deepen ourselves into the same Universe of the series through fanarts, fanfictions, analytical documents, the list goes on.

How to get ready to Virtualize in Code Lyoko?

This is a list of cheats in Code Lyoko: Get Ready to Virtualize . Also available in the Jeremy OS system. Go to the profile selection screen. Press Up, Left, Right, X, and Y in that Order.

How do I start a Lyoko level in Jeremy OS?

Also available in the Jeremy OS system. Go to the profile selection screen. Press Up, Left, Right, X, and Y in that Order. Start a Lyoko Level. Go to the pause screen.

Is the ifscl the best Lyoko fan project?

And the IFSCL is the best fanproject. I now conclude in saying that the IFSCL’s presence on CodeLyoko.Fr will be harmonious because Immu’s spirit and our own are on a common wavelength: provide the best for the LyokoFan community, free, without advertisements, nor financial interest. Welcome to the IFSCL.