Scholarship essay writing is an extremely complex task, as each word you write has to impress the reader and get you closer to the main goal – getting a scholarship. Therefore, wherever you apply, you need to practice individual approach and send unique work to each facility in order to outshine other applicants. Also, you need to do the best you can to make every admission officer like you, your personality, and see you as a future part of their academic team. In order to succeed in writing, you need to stick to a few simple rules, and here they are:

  1. Read the prompt carefully

Most of the academic facilities provide students with prompts they have to answer in the application essay. Check it thoroughly, and learn to read between the lines. No matter what kind of question you are being asked, or what problem you have to address, it is important to remember that the first thing that admissions consider is not what you answer, but how you do it. They do not really want to know about the last book you read, for example. They want to understand how your mind works, and what kind of person you are. They are interested in the way you think, and the way you will show yourself as a student in the future. Show how creative, smart, and dedicated you are instead of providing a mere description of the book. If you feel like you do not understand the prompt, be sure to contact someone from the facility for clarifications.

  1. List the points to address

Regardless of the topic, you have to tell about yourself – the background, experiences, interests, etc. But also, you need to convey that you share the interests of the facility to be considered. You can do a little researching, and find the info on the goals of the department or the whole university, and address the way you share them in your essay. Educational facilities surely look for great students, but they also need people who can help them achieve their goals, and you can try to seem like the one. Also, do not forget to list some personal details you want to include. However, always make sure these details are relevant and appropriate before putting them in your scholarship essay.

  1. Outline and draft

Well, outlining is not the best part of the writing process, and surely not the most pleasant one. Nevertheless, you do not want to skip it in this case, as if you do, your essay will hardly look consistent. Take your time to think about the story you want to discuss and the way you want to do it. Also, take a look at the points from the list you have made, and think where each one should go. When you feel inspired – just write, and forget about the mistakes for now. You will have a chance to correct them later, and for now, it is important to give your thoughts some freedom and let them flow.

Scholarship Essay

  1. Write a summarizing statement

Scholarship essay, the same as most of the essays, has to have a thesis statement of some sort too. However, you should not necessarily put it into the introductory paragraph. It can be in even in the middle of the paper, but it should be present anyway. It can help link certain thoughts together, and show why you are writing the essay.

  1. Find what is missing

You already have a thesis statement and a rough draft, and now you need to start perfecting what you have. You first sentence has to be a hook, so make sure it captures the attention. Your thoughts have to flow and make the story interesting to read. The ending should be even more powerful than the beginning, and finish the essay logically and in an interesting way.

  1. Revise and rewrite and repeat

Writing is not the biggest part of preparing scholarship essay. The biggest one is rewriting and revising. Yes, you will have to do it multiple times, and you may even feel like the work has to be rewritten completely. However, do not worry. If you have enough time, it is better to start over, having the experience of writing and knowing what you want to convey now than submit the essay you do not like and doubt the officers will like too. Make sure the essay sounds like you have written it if you want the committee to get to know the real you. Be proud of your achievements, but do not make yourself seem arrogant. Follow the rules, and do not go over the word limit. Also, ensure you have answered the prompt.

  1. Have a friend read your essay

You may try hard to find all mistakes and assess own writing, but you will be blind to some spots, and that is why you need a second opinion on your scholarship essay. Give someone your work, and ask him or her to read it and think if it was interesting and readable. Ask the person whether your essay sounds like you have written it, has any serious mistakes, if there are any gaps worth addressing, or if some info is missing.

  1. Refine

Make sure you considered all suggestions your friend had provided you with and rewritten the draft if necessary. When you are finally satisfied with the essay you have completed, leave it for a while, and reread carefully a few times once again. If you feel like there is nothing you would like to change, your scholarship essay is ready to be submitted.