Was the Galaxy Class A Failure?

The Galaxy Class was a failure for Starfleet, as they paid the price for a heavy cruiser/battleship, but got an oversized explorer instead.

What is the strongest federation ship?

At 1,607.2 meters in length, 764.4 meters across, and 305.76 meters high, it is the largest starship class ever built by Starfleet ….Invincible class.

Affiliation: Federation, Starfleet
Status: Active
Launched: 2384

What is a Galaxy class ship?

The Galaxy-class is a type of starship built by Starfleet from the mid 24th century into the 25th century. It was primarily intended to be a ship of exploration, but is also extremely heavily armed. This class of vessel is one of the largest and most powerful ever constructed by Starfleet. (

Can a Galaxy class starship land?

No, neither the Constitution Class starship, nor the Galaxy Class starship are designed to land, except in extreme circumstances where a landing would be characterised as a catastrophic crash-landing.

What is the largest Starfleet ship?

The largest Starfleet starship to appear anywhere on screen is the upgraded Enterprise-J briefly seen in the episode “Azati Prime”. It’s described as being “almost 2 miles” in length (i.e. 3.2 kilometers) as compared to Borg cubes which are approx 3 kilometers in length along each edge.

Is Voyager more powerful than the enterprise?

Voyager was “theoretically” a weaker, but much faster ship than Enterprise D. However, according to the Voyager episodes, the ship was dozens of times more powerful than than Enterprise D. Look at the fact that a lone borg cube wiped out something like half the federation ships. in Best Of Both Worlds.

What is the largest ship in Starfleet?

What is the best Starfleet ship?

The Borg cube is easily the most powerful ship encountered by any of the Alpha Quadrant powers. Armed with a variety of powerful beam weapons, torpedo launchers, and tractor beams, a Borg cube was more than a match for fleets of ships, able to destroy multiple ships before they could even scratch it.

How many Galaxy classes are there?

This would indicate that there were more than the initial six Galaxy-class starships referenced in the Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual. The total of six ships stems from Roddenberry’s assumption that Starfleet would not have constructed vessels of that large a size in substantial numbers.

What if Voyager was a sovereign class?

A Sovereign-class ship, in theory, can store more consumables and therefore make less stops, though presumably a larger ship means it uses more fuel. They would presumably have more room to convert in to areas for growing their own food too. Voyager’s top speed is meaningless since they were never able to sustain it.

Can USS Defiant land?

Illustrations in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual (pp. 183, 184) suggest the USS Defiant was equipped with landing gear and capable of planetary landing, though never referenced on screen.

What does NCC mean in Star Trek?

Naval Construction Contract
NCC is the Starfleet abbreviation for “Naval Construction Contract”, comparable to what the U.S. Navy would call a hull number. Jefferies rejected 3, 6, 8, and 9 as “too easily confused” on screen; he eventually reasoned the Enterprise was the first vessel of Starfleet’s 17th starship design, hence 1701.