What are the most common uses for lemongrass?

In food and beverages, lemongrass is used as a flavoring. For example, lemongrass leaves are commonly used as “lemon” flavoring in herbal teas. In manufacturing, lemongrass is used as a fragrance in deodorants, soaps, and cosmetics. Lemongrass is also used in making vitamin A and natural citral.

Can I put lemongrass essential oil on my skin?

Lemongrass contains purifying and toning benefits for the skin, and can be used in your skin care routine to help promote pure, toned skin. Consider adding a few drops of Lemongrass essential oil to your daily cleanser or moisturizer to help tone and purify skin.

What does lemongrass essential oil blend well with?

Lemongrass blends well with just about every citrus oil that one can imagine, especially Bergamot, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, and Orange. It can also be used to add a ‘bite’ to softer floral oils like Chamomile, Rose, and Ylang Ylang.

Can you mix lavender and lemongrass essential oils?

Lavender and Lemongrass essential oil make a beautiful combination when blended together. This oily duo has so many awesome uses for all-natural health and wellness.

Can lemongrass be used as mosquito repellent?

Yes. The Lemongrass plant is known to be an excellent mosquito repellant. According to a study conducted in 2011, around 95% mosquitos from a specific range of species were either killed or completely repelled due to the intense odor of lemongrass oil.

Can I mix lemongrass oil with water?

While using lemongrass oil as a topical insect repellent, always use a diluted version. Remember that it can cause skin irritation in children and adults having very sensitive skin. Mix it with water, say about 2 drops pure oil in ΒΌ cup water.

Can you dilute lemongrass oil with water?

Dilute your lemongrass oil before application. In order to prevent adverse reactions, add 24 drops of water per ounce of essential oil before using it on your skin. Before extensive use, brush the solution on a small patch of skin. If you experience any kind of irritation, stop using the oil immediately.

Can lemongrass oil be used on face?

Organic lemongrass essential oil has purifying properties which make it perfect for skincare. These properties help to remove impurities, detoxify the skin and leave it feeling clean and clear. Antioxidants are good for you as they help to neutralise damaging free radicals, which can be harmful to your skin.

Is lemongrass oil good for hair growth?

Lemongrass can help strengthen your hair follicles as well as introduce astringent properties into your hair. The former keeps your hair healthier longer; the latter helps keep problematic materials out of your hair, and taken together, both of these factors can promote hair growth.

Do lemongrass and lavender go together?

Can you mix lemongrass and peppermint oil?

The Top Lemongrass Essential Oil Blends Lemongrass is congenial with the citrus, mint, wood, or herbaceous families together with Lavender, Cedarwood, Helichrysum, Jojoba, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Lemon.