What disease does Maggie Stiefvater have?

Addison’s disease
In 2019, Stiefvater was diagnosed with Addison’s disease after she collapsed on a book tour.

Why did Maggie Stiefvater change name?

“I told my mum I wanted to change my name to Maggie,” she says, “because of Margaret Thatcher. Because everyone hated her too.” Around the time Heidi Hummel persuaded her mum to go along to the courthouse and get her name officially altered to Maggie, she was as creative as anyone I’ve ever met.

Where is Maggie Stiefvater from?

Harrisonburg, VAMaggie Stiefvater / Place of birth

Who wrote raven boys?

Maggie StiefvaterThe Raven Cycle / Author

Is Adam in the dreamer trilogy?

The first book in this new trilogy is Call Down the Hawk, and Stiefvater has been careful to reiterate that while Call Down the Hawk features some characters from the original series (namely, the three Lynch brothers and, sigh, Adam Parrish), The Dreamer Trilogy stands apart.

What town is Henrietta Virginia based on?

While Stiefvater created the city of Henrietta for the series, we’d like to point you to the very real city of Staunton (pronounced Stan-ton), Virginia, as a fitting destination for The Raven Boys immersion.

Is The Raven Cycle going to be a TV show?

Best-selling author Maggie Stiefvater has confirmed that her series The Raven Cycle will be a television show, with Catherine Hardwicke attached to direct and produce.

Is the Scorpio Races a movie?

The Scorpio Races (Movie)

What race is blue Sargent?

Physical Description. Blue is five feet tall, with a compact build, and an ambiguous ethnicity, (many head canon her to be POC).

Does Gansey kiss blue?

Blue’s curse: the profecy says that when she kisses her true love, he dies. That’s what happened, but because she kisses Gansey when he’s dying. It was not the kiss that killed him. If she had kissed him before that time, he wouldn’t have died, but they never kissed before because of the curse.

What happened to Glendower in The Raven Cycle?

The Raven Cycle Gansey and his friends finally find Glendower, only to discover that he’s clearly been dead for centuries. It is implied that Artemus or one of his other companions conducted the ritual to put him in stasis incorrectly.

Is Henrietta Virginia real?

Henrietta is an unincorporated community in Calhoun County, West Virginia, United States.