What does probity mean?

Probity and its synonyms honesty, honor, and integrity all mean uprightness of character or action, with some slight differences in emphasis. Honesty implies a refusal to lie or deceive in any way. Probity, which descends from Latin probus, meaning “honest,” implies tried and proven honesty or integrity.

What is another word for Touchstone?

Some common synonyms of touchstone are criterion, gauge, standard, and yardstick.

What is a touchstone moment?

As a metaphor, a touchstone refers to any physical or intellectual measure by which the validity or merit of a concept can be tested. It is similar in use to an acid test, litmus test in politics, or, from a negative perspective, a shibboleth where the criterion is considered by some to be out-of-date.

What is a selection criteria?

Selection criteria represent the key qualifications, training, abilities, knowledge, personal attributes, skills and experience a person must have in order to do a job effectively. You must meet the selection criteria in order to be considered for a position. Back to top.

Which is a synonym of probity?

SYNONYMS. integrity, honesty, uprightness, decency, morality, rectitude, goodness, virtue, right-mindedness, trustworthiness, truthfulness, honour, honourableness, justice, fairness, equity.

What is the difference between a standard and a benchmark?

The difference between a curriculum standard and a benchmark is a curriculum standard is what a student is expected to know at certain stages of their education career. When a benchmark is specific outcome that is linked back to a curriculum standard. But benchmarks are measurable element of the curriculum.

What is a antonym for criteria?

Antonyms. unrhythmical unorthodox abnormal irregular uncommon.

What is a touchstone as a person?

A touchstone can be a personal symbol or emblem that represents your dream and that helps you to stay on track and stay true to your vision. Throughout the centuries, indigenous people on every continent have used ‘medicine bags’ in a similar way.

What is the antonym of probity?

What is the opposite of probity?

dishonourableness deceit
immorality wickedness
crookedness crookery
deceitfulness deception
dishonesty iniquity

How do you write a selection criteria?

How to write key selection criteria

  1. Step 1: brainstorm key words and ideas. Copy and paste the criteria from the position description into a new document.
  2. Step 2: write a statement using the SAO approach. Write a statement under each criterion of 60 to 120 words using the SAO approach:
  3. Step 3: proofread your statements.

What is another word for rubric?

In this page you can discover 11 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for rubric, like: title, heading, subheading, , dictate, statute title, gloss, prescript, rule, order and regulation.

What is the adjective of probity?

Here are some adjectives for probity: inflexible personal, insolent and mathematical, unquestioned moral, accurate and severe, inhuman, royal, rigid transactional, real and reliable, strict and rare, personal, fair and aboveboard, open and aboveboard, rigorous and strict, scrupulous and unquestionable, sublime …