What features does iPhone 6 have?

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus include larger 4.7 and 5.5 inches (120 and 140 mm) displays, a faster processor, upgraded cameras, improved LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity and support for a near field communications-based mobile payments offering.

Will iPhone 6 still work in 2021?

Apple sold tens of millions of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models after their launch in 2015. The iPhone 6 is reportedly “safe until 2023,” but the iPhone 6 Plus isn’t so lucky. This popular iPhone model won’t stop working overnight — but that’s not the real danger. There are two key problems you’ll face as an owner.

Will iPhone 6 Get iOS 15?

Apple says that all devices that can run iOS 14 are compatible with iOS 15, and that goes as far back as the iPhone 6s, which was released in September 2015.

Is iPhone 6 waterproof?

The iPhone 6 is not waterproof, however, it is water resistant. There are rubber gaskets around the home and volume button, however, don’t take your phone swimming just yet.

Does iPhone 6 have fingerprint?

Every iPhone since the iPhone 5s in 2013 has a fingerprint scanner built into the home button. There is no such thing as an Apple iPhone 6 that does not have an fingerprint scanner.

What cool things can iPhone 6 do?

6 Things You Can Do With the iPhone 6s

  • Create animated wallpapers. Using the iPhone’s new Live Photos option, you can now create your own animated GIFs with the push of a button.
  • “Peek and Pop”
  • Unlock it.
  • Find your phone around your house easily.
  • Search for settings.
  • Utilize Wi-Fi Assist.

Is iPhone 6 a 4G?

All iPhone 6 models support all network types from Edge to 4G and LTE, including yes 3G networks. Your phone should work fine. The phone is capable of handling 4g/LTE. However, that might not be available when roaming depending on the carrier.

Does iPhone 6 have iOS 14?

Yes, provided it’s an iPhone 6s or later. iOS 14 is available for installation on the iPhone 6s and all newer handsets. Here’s a list of iOS 14-compatible iPhones, which you’ll notice is the same devices which could run iOS 13: iPhone 6s & 6s Plus.

Is the iPhone 6 good for gaming?

Featuring better graphics and bigger screens than their predecessors, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus not only rival dedicated portable gaming gadgets like the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS, they even give home consoles a run for their polygons.

Do iPhone 6 have dark mode?

How to turn on Dark Mode. Go to Settings, then tap Display & Brightness. Select Dark to turn on Dark Mode.

Does iPhone 6 have WhatsApp?

The minimum requirement to run WhatsApp will be limited to iOS 10 and newer versions. Any iPhone running on operating systems older than iOS 10 will not work from 1 November. Devices such as iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, Apple iPhone SE (1st generation) will stop supporting the messaging application.

What are the best features of the iPhone 6?

Cool features of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

  • Reachability.
  • Display zoom.
  • Handoff.
  • Voice over LTE (VoLTE) Verizon customers in the US have never been able to surf the web while on a voice call.
  • “Hey Siri” Users of Siri are used to long-pressing the Home screen to get her attention before asking a question.
  • Camera HDR.
  • What are the specs for the iPhone 6?

    iPhone 12: 3834

  • iPhone 11: 2969
  • iPhone XR: 2065
  • iPhone 8: 1781
  • What is the best iPhone 6?

    apple iphone 6 – Best Buy. Apple – Pre-Owned iPhone 6s Plus 4G LTE with 16GB Cell Phone (Unlocked) – Space Gray. Model: 6S PLUS 16GB GRAY-RB. SKU: 5872538. Apple – Pre-Owned iPhone 6s 4G LTE with 64GB Cell Phone (Unlocked) – Silver. Apple – Pre-Owned iPhone 6S with 32GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked)

    Which is better iPhone 6 or iPhone 6?

    camera (portrait mode is also an extra feature not available in 6s and some extra filters which are not available in 7 plus)

  • Display (it’s still LCD but it’s better)
  • Battery backup
  • Performance
  • Speakers
  • Touch-id (you might not be able to feel the difference in touch-id of new 6s and 8 plus but there is)
  • Taptic engine (not at all available in