What good movies does Apple TV have?

The best movies on Apple TV+ right now (April 2022)

  • The Sky Is Everywhere (2022) new. 66 %
  • Palmer (2021) 53 %
  • The Tragedy of Macbeth (2021) new. Trailer.
  • Swan Song (2021) Trailer.
  • Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth (2020) Trailer.
  • Finch (2021) Trailer.
  • Fireball: Visitors From Darker Worlds (2020)
  • Hala (2019)

Does Apple TV have blockbuster movies?

The Apple TV+ doesn’t feature access to blockbuster films or popular classics. Instead, the Apple TV+ is heavily focused on Apple original content, which can only be watched on Apple TV+. Apple TV has reportedly spent 6 billion on content to feature the top A-list celebrities in their original films & TV shows.

Is there movies on Apple TV?

Apple TV Plus doesn’t have a movie library as deep as Netflix or other streaming rivals. Still, it’s got A-listers like Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington and Bill Murray on board — and even collected Oscar wins for the movie CODA and noms for The Tragedy of Macbeth.

What movies and shows are on Apple TV?

The Best Shows and Movies on Apple TV+ Right Now (April 2022)

  • Roar.
  • Slow Horses.
  • Severance.
  • The Sky Is Everywhere.
  • The Afterparty.
  • The Tragedy of Macbeth.
  • Dr. Brain.
  • Foundation.

Is it worth subscribing to Apple TV?

Apple TV+ ranks high when it comes to affordability. A basic subscription with the service is $2 cheaper than Hulu, and the platform offers the longest free trial of all the services listed when you purchase an Apple device (it’s only seven days without a device purchase).

What films are free on Apple TV?

The full lineup of free Apple TV Plus programming includes:

  • The Elephant Queen, a documentary film about a mother elephant.
  • Little America.
  • Servant.
  • For All Mankind, an alternative retelling of the space race.
  • Dickinson, the comedy about poet Emily Dickinson as a young woman starring Hailee Steinfeld.

Does Apple TV have any free movies?

Apple TV+ shows you can watch for free Apple allows you to watch the first episode of many shows for free. In fact there are 38 free episodes available to watch for free including the first episodes of Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, See, Trying and more.

Are any movies free on Apple TV?

What new releases are on Apple TV?

Our top picks for April

  • Roar (2022) Trailer. tv-ma 1 Season.
  • Snoopy Presents: It’s the Small Things, Charlie Brown (2022) Trailer. g 38m.
  • They Call Me Magic (2022) Trailer. tv-ma 1 Season.
  • The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey (2022) Trailer. tv-ma 1 Season.
  • The Problem With Jon Stewart (2021) 7.5/10.
  • WeCrashed (2022) Trailer.