What happens in Chapter 7 in To Kill a Mockingbird?

By Harper Lee After his adventures at the Radley Place, Jem is in a bad mood for a week. Scout starts second grade. It’s just as bad as first grade. Jem finally tells Scout what happened when he went back to the Radley House: his pants were folded up on top of the fence, and the tear in them had been sloppily mended.

What did Boo Radley do in Chapter 7?

The reader must read between the lines—inferring, for instance, that it was Boo Radley who mended Jem’s pants and placed the presents in the tree, since Scout does not realize that Boo’s hand is at work until Jem explains things to Atticus after the fire.

What did Jem tell Scout in Chapter 7?

Chapter Seven After about a week, Jem finally tells Scout something about that night as they make their way home from school. He tells her that instead of being in a tangled mess like he left them, his pants were neatly folded.

What happens to the knothole in Chapter 7?

The next morning, Jem runs ahead to put the letter in the knothole, but they discover that someone filled it with cement. Later, Jem catches Nathan Radley and asks about the hole. He explains that the tree is dying, so he filled the hole.

Why does Jem cry at the end of chapter 7?

In Chapter Seven, Jem cries when he realizes that Mr. Radley cemented the knot-hole in the tree, not because it was dying, but because he aimed to keep Boo from leaving the children gifts. This is one more example of how the Radley’s cut Boo off from the world.

Why is Jem crying at the end of Chapter 7?

What do the kids find in the tree in Chapter 7?

They find a ball of gray twine, a package of chewing gum, and an old spelling bee medal. Perhaps the most intriguing items are two small images carved in soap: a boy that resembles Jem and a girl that resembles Scout.

What is a memorable line in chapters 7 8?

“When we went in the house I saw he had been crying; his face was dirty in the right places, but I thought it odd that I had not heard him.”

Why is Jem so moody in Chapter 7?

Jem cries at the end of chapter 7 because he realizes all his life when he said how mean Boo was, is was complete and utter lies. Boo was being mistreated the whole time, and no one will help him.

What advice does Atticus give Scout in Chapter 7?

Atticus tells Scout, “If you can learn a simple trick, Scout, you’ll get along a lot better with all kinds of folks. You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view . . . until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”