What is a Mercury lead sled?

In automotive usage, a lead sled is a standard production automobile with a body heavily modified in particular ways (see below); especially, though not exclusively, a 1949, 1950 or 1951 model year Ford ‘Shoebox’ or Mercury Eight car.

How much did a 49 Mercury cost?

Vehicle Valuation Analysis

Bodystyles Median Sale
Convertible $60,000
Coupe $31,450
Sport Sedan $15,210
Station Wagon $89,925

Who makes a 51 Mercury?

For 1949, Mercury introduced its first postwar model line. The first Mercury of the combined Lincoln-Mercury Division, the Mercury Eight now shared its body with the Lincoln (instead of the Ford)….Third generation (1949–1951)

Third generation
Height 64.8 in (1,646 mm)
Curb weight 3,500–4,000 lb (1,600–1,800 kg)

How much is a 50 Mercury worth?

How much is a 1950 Mercury coupe worth?

Bodystyles Median Sale
Monterey Coupe $36,500
Sport Sedan $16,734
Station Wagon $143,000

When did the Mercury sled become popular?

The 1949-1951 Mercury models, sometimes referred to as ‘lead sleds’ were highly popular with customizers and rodders. They were also popular with actors, such as James Dean, who drove a 1949 Mercury in the 1950 movie Rebel Without a Cause and Sylvester Stallone who drove a 1950 Mercury in the 1984 movie Cobra.

What generation is a mercury from 1949-1951?

Mercury’s from 1949-1951 are often referred as the third generations who were made popular from films such as Rebel Without a Cause (1955) American Graffiti (1973) Grease (1978) and more. In the James Dean film “Rebel without a Cause” he drove a Black Mercury that was hopped-up portraying the cool teenagers of the era.

What kind of motor does a 1949 Mercury coupe have?

LS1 V8, 700R4 AUTO, A/C, PS/B, FRT DISC You’re looking at the ultimate lead sled. This 1949 Mercury coupe has the classic low and sleek lines you love, but you can also tell there’s something much more going on here. It’s a true modern cruiser with a fuel-injected LS1 motor, overdrive transmission, and a luxury A/C interior.

What is the best 1950 Mercury full custom build?

This is Ruby she is a full custom 1950 Mercury the best full custom build. Her pictures speak for her self. Call with questions or more pictures on request. This is a high end build show car. Built by Street Rods By Mike and is being finished and for sale.