What is a stealth number plate?

Stealthplate is a self-adhesive, transparent polycarbonate cover that, when placed over your number plate, prevents most infra-red (IR) cameras from imaging your registration.

What is an AFI license plate?

At the top of the plate is AFI (Allied Forces Italy). Allied Forces in Italy series since October 1968 in black on white. The registration consists of one letter, followed by a hyphen and five numerals. The letter denotes the base where U stands for Udine. At the top of the plate is AFI (Allied Forces Italy).

What is a legacy license plate?

State legislation introduced the California Legacy License Plate program offering car owners the chance to purchase replicas of California license plates similar to those issued in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. Out of these three decades, only the 1960s plate reached the required 7,500 orders before January 1, 2015.

Who has a bear shaped license plate?

The polar bear plate was first used by the Northwest Territories. When Nunavut became its own territory in 1999, it simply continued to use it. N.W.T. has the trademark, “so we can’t continue to use it,” the spokesperson said. The new plate is also impressive.

What is Ghost plates?

‘Ghost plate’ device covers the license plate of a vehicle in Miami. 0:18. The remote controlled contraption is described as being the same as a common Australian licence plate in appearance. Other designs flip the number plate down into a flat position or face the car.

How do I make a license plate unreadable?

A reflective tape can make a number plate invisible to a camera. You only need reflective tape applied to the license plate. A reflective tape works mainly for roadside photo-radar with cameras using high-intensity flash to tag your plate and, perhaps, speed. Get a reflective tape.

How do US license plates work?

We know them as personalised number plates, but in America, they call them “vanity plates”. They work on the same principle as they do in the UK, with people paying for a number plate which spells out a favourite word or slogan. In New York, it’s currently $60 for a vanity plate, then $31.25 each year to renew it.

What does a black license plate mean in California?

The black license plate with yellow lettering was used in California in the 1960s. It’s the first plate to reach the minimum number of preorders needed to make it available to motorists under the state’s new legacy license plate program.

How much is the black California license plate?

The new plates, which will cost $50, can be ordered by anyone, regardless of their car’s age. Black plates can be personalized, like other plates, and plates will also be available for motorcycles.

How do I get a NWT license plate?

To get one of the new souvenir NWT License Plates you can either order one of the NWT Tourism site, call their office at (867) 873-5007 or by going to one of the local retailers around town.

What is a Canada license plate?

The registration consists of two letters followed by an annual revalidation sticker and three numerals, all serial. At the top of the plate is CANADA in red capitals. License plate issued by the Canadian forces in Europe in red on white.

Why do people blur out their number plate?

By pixelating, blurring or covering the number plate of your car before posting a picture online, you’re eliminating any sort of chance of a person being able to snoop.