What is semi intensive system of livestock management?

Semi-intensive systems are commonly used by small scale producers and are characterized by having one or more pens in which the birds can forage on natural vegetation and insects to supplement the feed supplied. It is desirable to provide at least two runs for alternating use to avoid build up of disease and parasites.

What is semi intensive livestock production?

Semi-intensive livestock farming is one in which the animals are housed and fed, but are allowed to graze or move around the farm to scavenge within in an enclosed area within the farm area.

What are the systems of livestock management?

According to FAO there are three main livestock management systems: mixed production. intensive farming systems “landless” extensive production system.

What are intensive livestock systems?

What is ‘Intensive’ or ‘Factory’ farming? ‘Factory’ Farming or ‘Intensive’ Farming refers to the globally adopted farming system that involves crowding large groups of livestock into confined indoor spaces, such as stalls or cages.

What is semi-intensive system in cattle rearing?

Generally, dairy cows are managed under the traditional system based on pasture (semi-intensive farming). In short, the semi-intensive system is characterized by access to pasture grazing for the provision of forage, during certain times of the day (for a minimum of 6 hr during daylight) from April 1 to October 31.

What is the difference between intensive and semi-intensive?

In semi-intensive method, the birds are kept in an open yard surrounded by wire nets in the daytime and are confined to a house during the night. In intensive method, the birds are kept confined throughout the day and night.

What is semi-intensive system of rearing animal?

The semi-intensive system is an alternative method of rearing broilers in which the birds are kept in a poultry house and have free access to a pasture area during the day. It is known that ambient conditions may directly affect the behavior of birds reared in the semi-intensive system.

What are the types of livestock production systems?

Livestock systems can be classified as grazing, mixed, and industrial. Grazing systems are characterized by the direct consumption of native or permanent pastures, and they depend directly on ecosystem services.

What is extensive system?

Extensive farming or extensive agriculture (as opposed to intensive farming) is an agricultural production system that uses small inputs of labor and fertilizers relative to the land area being farmed as well as small number of animals per land unit.

What are the advantages of semi intensive system?

In this system, birds are kept free during day time and they take shelter in a house during the night. The rearing of birds in this system is apparently profitable as birds find an appreciable amount of feeds in the surroundings during the daytime.

What are the types of intensive system?

Techniques and technologies

  • Pasture intensification.
  • Rotational grazing.
  • Concentrated animal feeding operations.
  • Seeds.
  • Crop rotation.
  • Irrigation.
  • Weed control.
  • Terracing.

What is the difference between extensive farming system Semi-intensive farming system and intensive farming system?

Intensive Farming is a farming method that uses higher inputs and advanced agricultural techniques to increase the overall yield. In contrast, Extensive Farming is one in which more and more land is brought under cultivation to increase the output produced.