What is the best Pontiac engine?

One of the best ones was the Pontiac 400. Sure, they made 428s and 455s, but the 400 was their go-to muscle car engine for Firebirds and GTOs. To get a 400-inch engine, Pontiac started with their proven 389-inch mill and knocked it out to a 4.12-inch bore with a 3.75-inch stroke.

What was the most powerful Pontiac engine?

What Was The Most Powerful Pontiac Engine? It has always taken pride in its rear-drive version, which has 361-hp and 5.6 seconds out of the gate. This 912-hp car is 0-liter V8 and has a 912-hp 6 engine. These rear wheels are driven by a 2-liter V8, making this car the quickest in history.

What years did Pontiac make the 428 engine?

Did Pontiac make a 428 motor? The 428 was Pontiacs top engine for 3 short years- 1967-9. The bore is the same as the 400 at 4.12″.

What is Ram Air Pontiac?

The term “Ram Air” first showed up in Pontiac sales brochures in 1968 as the highest-optioned engine for GTOs and were essentially the same as the 400 H.O. engine from 1967. Pontiac purists consider these to be the first Ram Air equipped cars—not Ram Air I, but simply Ram Air, with no numbers.

What Pontiac has the most horsepower?

1 2006 Pontiac GTO (175 mph) This pinnacle of the muscle car industry used a 400-hp LS2 6.0-liter V8 engine as its powerhouse.

What is the fastest car Pontiac ever made?

Ranking The Quickest Pontiac Muscle Cars Ever

  1. 1 2006 Pontiac GTO (4.3 Seconds)
  2. 2 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am WS6 (4.8 Seconds)
  3. 3 1971 Pontiac GT-37 (5.4 Seconds)
  4. 4 1962 Pontiac Catalina Super Duty 421 (5.4 Seconds)
  5. 5 1968 Pontiac Firebird 400 (5.5 Seconds)
  6. 6 1973 Pontiac Trans Am SD455 (5.6 Seconds)

What was the fastest Pontiac ever made?

The 15 Fastest Cars Pontiac Ever Produced

  1. 1 2006 Pontiac GTO (175 mph)
  2. 2 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP (175 mph)
  3. 3 1998 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am (165 mph)
  4. 4 1963 Pontiac Tempest Super Duty (163 mph)
  5. 5 1973 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 455 Super Duty (130 mph)
  6. 6 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP (143 mph)

Did Pontiac make a big block engine?

Pontiac differed from other GM Divisions and most other manufacturers in producing only a single small block V8, rather than adding a larger big block to its line-up. The external dimensions of all their V8s, from 326–455 cu in (5.3–7.5 L) were the same. Engine displacement is a function of bore and stroke.

Is Pontiac 428 a good engine?

The 428 was Pontiacs top engine for 3 short years- 1967-9. The bore is the same as the 400 at 4.12″. The stroke is 4″, the main journals are 3.25″. The 428 has remained one of the favorite Pontiac engines for racers and hot rodders and, are always one of the most sought after for a build up.

What cars did Pontiac put the 428?

Royal Pontiac installed 428 engines normally found in their Bonnevilles and Catalinas, turning them into Firebirds and GTOs in response to the desirability of low elapsed time.

Did 1968 GTO have ram air?

It is one of only 650 special 4-speed Ram Air I GTOs built by Pontiac in 1968. It comes from the private collection of Pontiac Historic Services (PHS) founder Jim Mattison. The Ram Air package was Pontiac’s top performance package in 1968….Lot #1149.1 1968 PONTIAC GTO RAM AIR.

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How much horsepower does a Pontiac 400 engine have?

360 horsepower
They found that the engine provided massive amounts of low-end torque and rock steady high RPM power output. The 389 posted numbers in the 330 horsepower range with a single spread-bore, four-barrel carburetor. The 400 pushed this number up to 360 horsepower, with the same Quadrajet single four-barrel.