What is the biggest size roller blind?

Generally, our standardchain operated roller blinds can reach a maximum of 3450mm wide and our new Premium XL range of roller blinds can reach up to 4700mm wide, which for most people is plenty wide enough.

Does IKEA cut blinds to size?

Does IKEA Cut Blinds To Size In-Store? No, IKEA does not offer blind-sizing service in-store. When you purchase IKEA blinds, if there are any alterations in size to be made, you must do them yourself.

Can you get perfect fit blackout blinds?

Our collection of perfect fit blinds come in a blackout option. These blackout blinds have no gap around the edge offering a complete blackout. Eliminates all light penetration through the fabric.

How wide can I get a roller blind?

Roller blinds including blackout blinds also work well in many instances. They are limited by the size of certain fabrics however, particularly some patterned designs, but in most cases we can manufacture up to nearly 3 meters in width and wider on certain fabrics.

Does it matter if roller blinds are too long?

No, it doesn’t matter if the fabric of a roller blind is too long, or more to the point, longer than the minimum length it needs to be. This causes no functional issues and isn’t visible, as the additional length remains rolled up around the tube at the top.

Can you cut IKEA blackout blinds to size?

The furniture store Ikea sells blackout roller blinds that you can cut to fit in your window. To get the proper width, you’ll need to trim both the roller and the fabric of the blinds themselves. The process is not very challenging and should take less than an hour.

Can you cut blackout blinds?

Cutting a roller blind is fairly simple as long as you make the correct measurements. By laying the blind flat and marking out your desired measurements you will be able to ensure your blind is cut to fit your window. When it comes to cutting the blind, you should use sharp scissors for a clean finish.

How do you measure for blackout blinds?

Measure the width of the window at the top, middle and bottom and allow yourself an additional 3” either side, as well as the top and bottom (this is to allow an overlap). This will be your width measurement. Note this measurement down. And that’s it – measuring your window for a blackout blind is really that simple!

Do blinds have to fit exactly?

Measuring The Size You Want Your Blinds To Be, Not the Size Of The Window Opening. When you order inside mount window coverings from Blinds.com, we always ask for the EXACT size of the window opening, edge to edge.

Do perfect fit blinds cause condensation?

Do Perfect Fit blinds cause condensation? Perfect Fit blinds don’t sit that close to the window because the design of the perfect fit frame doesn’t allow it, therefore air can circulate freely, meaning there is no build up of condensation.