What is the meaning of FM approval?

FM approvals is the independent testing arm of international insurance carrier, FM Global. FM approvals uses scientific research and testing to make sure products conform to the highest standards for safety and property loss prevention. Products that pass get the “FM APPROVED” mark.

What is UL and FM approved?

Thus, when you see either “UL listed” or “FM approved,” it essentially means it was tested by the safety organizations for a specific application and “listed,” aka “certified.” UL’s services boost consumer confidence and promote a safer world.

What does FM quality mean?

FM Approvals is the quality mark issued by FM Global for products that comply with the high demands FM Global makes. One of the requirements for taking out an insurance with FM Global is that the materials used for a building to be insured are FM Approved.

What are FM Global standards?

This business unit sets standards of excellence and certifies products and services for companies worldwide. When you see a product or service with the FM APPROVED mark, you’ll know it meets our high property loss prevention product testing and certification standards.

Is FM Approved for Canada?

FM Approvals is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada as a Certification Body for the ISASecure Control System Cybersecurity Conformance Scheme. The Standards Council of Canada recently accredited FM Approvals to be an ISASecure® certification body (CB).

What is FM approval for fire protection?

FM Approval is part of the FM Global Group and it is a testing and certification service. Products that pass the five-step approval process are issued the globally acknowledged FM mark to support property loss prevention and to signify that they will perform as expected.

What does FM mean in fire?

Factory Mutual
FM (Factory Mutual) Approval is a national recognized testing laboratory (non-government operated). Their mission is similar to that of UL in that they test and certify safety equipment to ensure that it is up to standard. However, the most significant difference is that FM Global mainly focuses on fire equipment.

What is the frequency of FM?

88 to 108 MHz
FM radio stations are usually assigned a frequency in the range of 88 to 108 MHz in contrast to AM radio which is in the range of 0.55 to 1.6 MHz, and this is one reason why AM radio has a longer range; however, FM radio operates better in reception areas that are closed in, such as tunnels and buildings, owing to the …

How can I get global FM certified?

The FM Global Certification Process

  1. Step 1: Submittal of Testing Request. The first step involves submitting your request to FM Global for testing your product.
  2. Step 2: Issue of Proposal and Manufacturer Authorization.
  3. Step 3: Review, Testing and Initial Audit.
  4. Report, FM Approval and Listing.
  5. Step 5: Surveillance Audits.

What is UL FM valves?

Mueller® resilient wedge gate valves have features to make them easier to operate, preserve sealing capability, and interior coating integrity for many years of reliable service.

What is UL certification for valves?

UL is certifying, validating, testing, verifying, inspecting, auditing, advising and educating customers in 100+ countries. In order to become UL Listed, a representative sample of the product to be listed must be tested and meet the safety requirements set.

What is FM pipe?

The FM approval means that the pipes and fittings correspond to the highest requirements – ensuring consistent quality of the product range – achieved by means of a third party audit undertaken by FM.