When was the tornado in Owensboro Kentucky?

Jan. 3, 2001
But coming so close to Christmas, the tornado reminded many Daviess Countians of the F3 tornado that struck Owensboro on Jan. 3, 2001. Ball said only about 60 Kenergy customers were still without power Saturday morning, but about 2,000 Ohio County homes and businesses still had no power.

Was there a tornado in Owensboro KY?

Nearly all city streets were reopened and nearly all power was restored within a few days after the tornado. Peak winds were estimated at 155 mph where the EF-3 damage occurred in downtown Owensboro.

What part of Kentucky gets the most tornadoes?

A total of 948 results found….Kentucky Tornado Index City Rank.

Rank Tornado Index ▼ City / Population
1. 271.24 Milton, KY / 660
2. 271.11 Bedford, KY / 687
3. 266.51 Westport, KY / 201
4. 264.92 Goshen, KY / 1,072

What county is Owensboro KY in?

Daviess CountyOwensboro / CountyDaviess County, is a county in Kentucky. As of the 2010 census, the population was 96,656. Its county seat is Owensboro. The county was formed from part of Ohio County on January 14, 1815.
Daviess County is included in the Owensboro, KY Metropolitan Statistical Area. Wikipedia

How many tornadoes does Kentucky have?

Kentucky is considered part of Hoosier Alley and sees high storm season happen in April and May. There are an average of 21 tornados that occur each year.

What river runs through Owensboro KY?

Ohio River
Ohio River near Owensboro, Kentucky | Library of Congress.

Was Bowling Green affected by the tornado?

This morning, 12/11/2021 the community of Bowling Green was impacted with strong storms and tornados. Many residential and commercial buildings have been severely damaged or destroyed.

Why don t Kentucky houses have basements?

Even in parts of the country that don’t have sandy soils, there are large areas where the soil composition is especially clay-heavy. Clay soil can make building basements difficult because of the dramatic expansion and contraction as it takes on water.

How many tornadoes did Kentucky have in 2021?

It was the deadliest and longest-tracked tornado in an outbreak that produced numerous strong tornadoes in several states; 57 fatalities were confirmed in the tornado….2021 Western Kentucky tornado.

EF4 tornado
Highest winds 190 mph (310 km/h)
Max. rating1 EF4 tornado
Fatalities 57 fatalities (+1 indirect), 515+ injuries
Damage Unknown

What is Owensboro Ky famous for?

Owensboro is a state in Western Kentucky famous for its parks and softball tournaments. However, there is a vast history that’s being missed by only looking at their parks and softball tournaments. The state is also famous for its cultural hotspots, particularly in the performing arts and music.

How old is Owensboro KY?

Owensboro, Kentucky
Settled (as Yellow Banks) 1797
Established (as Owensborough) 1817
Incorporated 1850

What was the worst tornado in Kentucky?

Violent Tornadoes in Kentucky

Date Kentucky Counties Fatalities
March 4, 1964 Calloway, Marshall 3
The tornado began three miles west of Kirksey and moved to north of Hardin, near Fairdealing, and ended at Kentucky Lake. A couple dozen homes were destroyed, at least five of which at F4 intensity.