Where can I get a free Wisconsin map?

Printed copies of the map can be picked up free of charge at many locations:

  • WisDOT Regional offices and Central office.
  • WisDOT Maps and Publications Sales office.
  • WisDOT Division of Motor Vehicle (DMV) offices.
  • Wisconsin State Patrol offices.
  • Wisconsin rest areas.
  • Wisconsin Welcome Centers.

How can I get free road maps?

Best Sources For Free Paper Maps for Travel & Crafts

  1. Free or Low-Cost Paper Maps.
  2. Re-Use Maps for DIY and Upcycled Crafts.
  3. Pick up Free U.S. State, City or Regional Maps.
  4. The Fun of Using Paper Maps.
  5. Have Them Mailed to You.
  6. Amazon Printed and Wall Maps.
  7. Etsy Paper Maps and Craft Maps.
  8. USGS and Federal Land Maps.

How many miles across is Wisconsin?

260 mi

• Length 311 mi (507 km)
• Width 260 mi (427 km)
Elevation 1,050 ft (320 m)
Highest elevation (Timms Hill) 1,951 ft (595 m)

What is the longest road in Wisconsin?

State Trunk Highway 35
State Trunk Highway 35 (STH-35, WIS 35) is a Wisconsin state highway running north–south across western Wisconsin. It is 412.15 miles in length, and is the longest state highway in Wisconsin….Wisconsin Highway 35.

State Trunk Highway 35
Maintained by WisDOT
Length 412.15 mi (663.29 km)
Major junctions
South end IL 35 in Jamestown

What is the middle of Wisconsin?

The City of Pittsville in Wood County is considered the “ceremonial” center of Wisconsin thanks to a proclamation by Governor Walter J. Kohl in 1952. The true geographic center based on several publications (Barmore 1993; USGS, 1964; Rogerson, 2015) is actually closer to Auburndale, WI.

What is the most southern city in Wisconsin?

Platteville, Wisconsin
State Wisconsin
County Grant
• City Manager Adam Ruechel

Where can I get a free United States map?

50states is the best source of free maps for the United States of America. We also provide free blank outline maps for kids, state capital maps, USA atlas maps, and printable maps.

Can you still get paper maps from AAA?

AAA still offers TripTiks, not only as a paper map through mail order and branch offices but online and on the mobile app. The app highlights Triple A® diamond-rated hotels and restaurants, directions, attractions and more, with information from AAA travel editors.

What food is Wisconsin known for?

Known as “America’s Dairyland”, Wisconsin is famous for its cheese and cheese products, such as cheese curds, and dairy products, such as frozen custard. Other notable foods common to the region include bratwursts, beer and Old Fashioned cocktails, butter burgers, fish fries and fish boils, and booyah stew.

Is Wisconsin a stand your ground state?

Is Wisconsin a stand your ground state? Wisconsin does not have a stand your ground law. Stand your ground laws in other states generally allow for a person to claim self-defense without first needing to retreat when outside their home or business. Wisconsin also does not have an affirmative duty to retreat.

Where does the Great River Road start in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin’s Great River Road is one of the Midwest’s greatest gems. Only a stone’s throw from the Twin Cities, the road is part of Highway 35, running 250 miles from Prescott, Wisconsin, to Potosi, Wisconsin. In fact, this 3,000-mile scenic byway continues south along the Mississippi through ten states.

How many state highways are in Wisconsin?

The US Highways in Wisconsin comprise 14 current and three former United States Numbered Highways in Wisconsin.