Where can I watch The Nature of Things?

Streaming on Roku. The Nature of Things, a nature series starring is available to stream now. Watch it on Prime Video or Freevee on your Roku device.

Is The Nature of Things still going?

As TV’s longest-running science series celebrating 61 seasons this year, The Nature of Things continues to inspire and entertain audiences by engaging with the people and personalities behind the science and phenomena that shape our world.

How many episodes of The Nature of Things are there?

960The Nature of Things / Number of episodes

How many seasons does The Nature of Things have?


The Nature of Things
No. of series 59
No. of episodes 960 (list of episodes)
Running time 30 minutes and 1 hour

How can I watch CBC?

Can I Watch CBC TV Live Online? Yes, you can watch CBC TV online from anywhere by subscribing to its premium plan at $4.99/month coupled with a VPN service. However, apart from CBC live online service, you can also enjoy TV shows, kids shows, documentaries, and much more on the CBC Gem app or website for free.

What channel is nature of things on?

CBC TelevisionThe Nature of Things / Network

What is David Suzuki doing now?

He was a professor in the genetics department at the University of British Columbia for almost forty years, from 1963 until his retirement in 2001, and has since been professor emeritus at a university research institute.

What age is David Suzuki?

86 years (March 24, 1936)David Suzuki / Age

What did David Suzuki do for Canada?

In 1974, he was hired to host the CBC TV show Science Magazine. The next year, he became the first host of the CBC Radio series Quirks and Quarks. He also served on the Science Council of Canada during this period. In 1979, Suzuki left Science Magazine and Quirks and Quarks to host The Nature of Things on CBC TV.

How can I watch CBC for free?

CBC Gem is available for free as an App for iOS, tvOS, Fire TV, Android TV, and Android phones and tablets. If you wish to stream our content to your television, this can be achieved via Apple AirPlay or Google Chromecast.

Can I stream CBC in the US?

You can watch CBC sports live online in USA by visiting “cbc.ca/sports”. You can also stream sporting events like CBC Olympics in the USA or anywhere globally live online on your Android and iOS by installing the CBC sports app via Google Play and App Store.

Is Nature of Things on CBC gem?

CBC Gem Watch The Nature of Things on CBC Gem, available on all your favourite devices. YouTube The Nature of Things is available on our CBC Docs YouTube channel.