Who is red X to Robin?

Red X is an anti-hero and a former “villain identity” employed by Robin. First introduced in the animated series Teen Titans, he was Robin’s rival and archenemy.

Why did Red X help Robin?

Robin. Red X seems to respect Robin, despite their difference in morality, and they are very much alike and hate losing; this is perhaps the one reason why Red X finds himself supporting Robin during confrontations with other villains.

Who was red X when it wasn’t Robin?

By far the most popular theory for Red X’s true identity over the years has been Jason Todd, the missing second Robin who had never appeared in animation until that point.

Are red X and Robin the same person?

Red X is another one of the characters from the television series to later appear in the comics. Initially, Red X is an alias used by Robin in season 1 to lure Slade into trusting him. When the plan falls apart, Slade sees right through him.

Why is Slade obsessed with Robin?

Robin. Slade considered Robin his rival as the leader of the Teen Titans. Slade was impressed by Robin’s abilities, powers, and personality, and wanted him to be his apprentice.

What is Slade real identity?

Slade Joseph Wilson

Alter ego Slade Joseph Wilson
Species Metahuman
Team affiliations Secret Society of Super Villains Suicide Squad Legion of Doom H.I.V.E. Checkmate League of Assassins Defiance Injustice League Team 7 T.R.U.S.T
Notable aliases Deathstroke the Terminator The Terminator King Deathstroke The Balkan

What was inside Robin’s briefcase?

Many fans believe that Robin’s secret briefcase contains a picture of his parents. A Slade doll can be found among the pictures of baby Robin. According to The World’s Finest, it will remain a mystery what was inside Robin’s briefcase.

Did Slade sleep with Terra?

Marv Wolfman created Deathstroke and Terra, so it’s definitely the truth. He slept with her. He committed unlawful sex with a minor, though looking up on age consent laws, the age of consent in many parts in the United States was and is 16 to 18, and Terra was sixteen when it was revealed that she slept with him.

Who is Slade’s true identity?

Slades full name. Slade Wilson is the Secret identity of Deathstroke. so Technically in this TT series Deathstroke is using his first name. :P.

Is Deathstroke Robin’s father?

An envelope containing DNA paternity tests showing Slade Wilson and Talia al Ghul are genetic matches as the parents of Damian Wayne (the current Robin).

What did Ding Dong Daddy steal?

Fictional character biography This was a morality issue to stay in school. Ding Dong Daddy later steals the Arrowcar from Speedy after Green Arrow allowed the young hero to borrow it.

What is under Robin’s mask?

But when he truly removes his mask, it is revealed that he has a parasite-twin on his left eye, just like how Starfire thought he would look without his mask at first. It ends with Robin giving his parasite-twin a grape as a snack as he munches on it.

What happened to red X and Robin?

After being knocked out by Chang’s henchmen, and subsequently captured by Robin, he confronted X about his self-serving attitudes, while Red X kept taunting Robin about the one mistake which helped create him. Unimpressed and willing to make amends, Robin went after Chang himself, but almost ended up his victim as well.

Who is red X in Robin and the Red Dragon?

―Red X [src] Red X is a former “villain identity” which Robin temporarily used as part of an “undercover” operation. The identity was later assumed by a mysterious anti-hero whose real identity remains unknown. Red X was originally a cover identity that Robin had conceived as part of an attempt to get closer to Slade.

How much older is red X than Robin?

The fact that Red X constantly addresses Robin as “kid”, coupled with the fact that he is slightly taller than him, implies that he is slightly older than Robin. Two or Three years at the most.

What is the difference between red X and Robin’s suits?

The personality of the wearers of the Red X suit is the first of two major differences between them: While Robin was Red X, he was even more serious than normal and kept his goal of capturing Slade as his top priority (under the false pretense of forging a partnership with the villain).