Who is the Sheriff of Cass County minnesota?

Tom Burch
The Sheriff is the Chief Law Enforcement authority of the County and is an elected position. Cass County’s Sheriff is Tom Burch.

What county is Walker Mn in?

Cass CountyWalker / CountyCass County is a county in the central part of the U.S. state of Minnesota. As of the 2020 census, the population was 30,066. Its county seat is Walker. The county was formed in 1851, and was organized in 1897.
Cass County is included in the Brainerd, MN Micropolitan Statistical Area. Wikipedia

What County is Cass Lake MN in?

Cass CountyCass Lake / County

What County is Bemidji MN?

Beltrami CountyBemidji / County

How many acres is Cass Lake in Cass Lake Minnesota?

The Cass Lake, just northeast of the City of Cass Lake is the largest of the eight lakes that make up the Cass Lake Chain of Lakes and the eighth largest lake in Minnesota. The scenery is incredible on the 15,596-acre lake with 26.9 miles of forested shoreline and sandy beaches and plunging to 120 feet deep in areas.

How many acres is Cass Lake?

Cass Lake is a 1,280-acre natural lake located in central Oakland County, a few miles southwest of Pontiac. It is the largest and deepest lake in the Lake Erie Management Unit (LEMU) and has a volume of 33,062 acre-feet.

What does Bemidji mean in Ojibwe?

Bemidji was established in 1888. Its name, first applied to the lake and then to the Ojibwa chief who in 1883 became the area’s first permanent resident, is from an Ojibwa word meaning “a lake with crossing waters.” It was so named because the Mississippi River passes through the lake.

Why is Bemidji important to Minnesota?

As a central city for three Indian reservations, Bemidji is the site of many Native American services, including the Indian Health Service. Near Bemidji are the Red Lake Indian Reservation, White Earth Indian Reservation, and the Leech Lake Indian Reservation.

What kind of fish are in Cass Lake MN?

The lake is abundant with various kinds of fish, including walleye, perch, northern pike, muskie, bass, and everyone’s favorite freshwater fish—crappies. Cass Lake continues to keep its name at the top of the list for excellent fishing in Minnesota.

Is Cass Lake a reservation?

Cass Lake is the largest community within the reservation. Eleven communities make up the reservation. In addition to Cass Lake, there are Ball Club, Bena, Inger, Onigum, Mission, Pennington, Smokey Point, Sugar Point, Oak Point, and Squaw Lake.

Is Cass Lake clean?

Water quality data have been collected on Cass Lake at various sites from 1979-2015 (Tables 2 & 3). These data show that the lake is mesotrophic (TSI = 44) with moderately clear water conditions most of the summer and excellent recreational opportunities.

Is Cass Lake a natural lake?

Cass Lake is a 1,280-acre natural lake located in central Oakland County, a few miles southwest of Pontiac.