Will VIXX have a comeback?

Ravi has announced his second studio album! VIXX’s Ravi is making a comeback! On January 19 at midnight KST (8:30 pm IST), Ravi officially announced the news. The artist will be making his comeback with his second studio album, ‘LOVE&FIGHT’.

Where is VIXX Hongbin now?

Former VIXX member Hongbin has enlisted in the military. Last week, Hongbin announced during a personal broadcast that he would be enlisting in the military. On August 18, the day of his enlistment, he posted on his Twitch community board to say goodbye.

Is VIXX still together?

On August 7, 2020, Jellyfish Entertainment announced that Hongbin had departed from VIXX and that the group would be continuing activities as five members. On October 31, 2020, it was announced that N has chosen not to renew his contract with Jellyfish Entertainment, but he will continue as a part of VIXX.

Is Ravi still part of VIXX?

On May 24, it was announced that while members Leo, Ken, Hongbin and Hyuk have resigned to Jellyfish Entertainment, Ravi has decided to leave and establish his own one-man label focusing on his personal music tastes.

When was VIXX last comeback?

With the members’ military enlistment, VIXX’s last full comeback was in 2018 while they released a few singles in 2019. The members expanded their solo careers like leader N aka Hakyeon and Hyuk becoming actors while Ravi launched two of his own labels – GROOVL1N and THE L1VE.

Why did Ravi leave?

The following morning, the “2 Days & 1 Night” production team released a statement in which they confirmed that Ravi would be leaving the show in order to fulfill his mandatory military service, though they described his departure as “temporary” rather than permanent.

Is Hongbin still friends with VIXX?

On August 7, Hongbin shared his intention to withdraw from VIXX. After careful discussion with the VIXX members and Hongbin, we are respecting his wishes and so it’s been decided that he will leave the group,” the statement reads. “It’s planned that VIXX will promote as a five-member group in the future.

What are VIXX fans called?

VIXX: Starlight VIXX see their fans as sparkling stars, hence starlight!

Did VIXX get kidnapped?

Being kidnapped is anyone’s worst nightmare. VIXX actually once got kidnapped while visiting Kazakhstan in the past. The group’s leader N once talked about it during his appearance on MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ back in 2018.

What did Hongbin VIXX say?

“I’m sorry but I’ve always been a vampire and these people (EXO) were wolves. It was always funny to me because vampires always won. In history, the people who remain are the ones who win. In modern day, when comparing who will win between vampires (VIXX) and wolves (EXO), I think its vampires.

What does ATINY mean?

ATINY is a combination of the words ATEEZ and DESTINY, meaning that ATEEZ and their fans were destined to meet.

What Kpop group got kidnapped by a princess?

VIXX’s N shared the unbelievable story of when VIXX were kidnapped in Kazakhstan, when he appeared on Korean talk show Radio Star recently. In his retelling he said: It was when we were on a bus in Kazakhstan to go back to Korea.

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