Perhaps you have asked for a comparative essay in class. Maybe you need to write a complete report about the work. To write an excellent job, you need to begin identifying two objects that have enough similarities and differences to make a meaningful comparison. Examples are the two teams or two government systems. Then you will need to find at least two or three points on which they can be compared with research, facts and well-formed paragraphs that impress and captivate your readers.


Consider the problem carefully. Your mind can be great ideas for writing, but if it does not match exactly a given topic, you lose points. Search for leading questions (or titles if it is one) and underline key phrases. Keep a list of them before him while working.

Exactly what the teacher wants to see in your work? Many comparative essays can be written in the evaluation of the excellent, carefully read the job and look for it as the word “compare”, “compare”, “similarity”, “different” and so on.

Determine exactly what kind of comparative essay you have to write. Sometimes it is easy – you need to compare something to each other, and sometimes you first need to compare a particular model of evaluation, within the framework, and according to the criteria that are rated, compared and contrast – and in such cases, to secure one Simple specification of the similarities and differences of the objects is unfortunately not enough.

If you are not quite clear exactly what you asked and how to do this, check all the teachers. It is better to ask a few questions than to write a completely wrong work.

Make a list of similarities and differences in the compared object. Yes, you were asked to write an essay, but that does not mean you do not have to point to the contrasts! In addition, it is best to begin writing, with a list of similarities and differences.

Rate your list. It is possible that you have stated is not everything! Carefully read the list again, and try to recognize its paragraphs subject or even some sort of template. This will help you decide what will serve as a comparison basis.

For example, comparing the two novels, you can use characters similar to pink as setting – green, theme or message – blue and so on.

Create a comparison base. So you ask the comparison context: How will you compare two objects? In addition, the substrate can be a theory (feminism, multiculturalism), a question or a problem that should give a response in writing, as well as a historical theme (colonialism, emancipation) .u Comparisons must be specific thesis or idea, the definition of “Why “You are suddenly decided to compare the two objects together.

Learn to compare objects. Despite the fact that there is a temptation to capture the details of the compared objects, it is important not to provide any further details than the order format requires. Compare several aspects of each of these, rather than try to cover both topics completely.