Thesis is a complete investigation of the specific problems identified during the introduction. It has its own drawbacks, start with theoretical foundation problems and end with their practical use. It is necessary to know each student.

Before writing a thesis, all students are pre-conditioned in form papers of the writing term. Throughout their polished skills familiar with all kinds of material, its quality selection, systematization of knowledge. Course Design is accompanied by the first attempts to put the theory into practice. Many of them turn out to be unsuccessful mi. However, thanks to the large number of foreign exchange in different disciplines, the student acquires the skills of scientific writing, which simplifies the creation of the master thesis.


How to write the theoretical part of the work. Example

The first chapter is devoted to the analysis of the theoretical data diploma. In the course of its emergence study articles from a variety of scientific journals are read textbooks, teaching materials, analyzed the operation at conferences expressed. The selection of the appropriate terminology is accompanied by the understanding of the works of famous scientists, systems and bonds elaboration based on the previously invented the great minds of our time. This is a difficult process but practicable. Students recalled lectures in the direction of research, read additional sources. Its goal is the quality of the theoretical material in accordance with the objectives of the study and presentation logic in written form. The material is guided through the prism of their own world, broken and manufacturing know the depth of the threads, to capture the essence of it. In the process of research, new ideas, thoughts, suggestions, leads research into a new direction. After inquiring often study the theoretical material new definitions created the old terms to replace, a revolutionary new approach reflects.

How to write a practical part of the thesis. Example

After careful examination of the theory and the creation of the first chapter of the work, the student goes to the formation of the practical part. The material for this are fragments of practice based on personal experiences. The student tries to reveal the practical tasks of research, articulated in the initiation of the work. It begins by taking the listing, then leads the path allows and put it into practice. The second chapter presents the materials that support the successful expansion of tasks. These tables, graphs, illustrations, experimental data, diagrams, drawings. Some of them occupy more volume; will work on the application moved.

The practical part of the work reflects the depth of the assimilation of the students acquired their practical skills, their ability to think outside the box, decide and act. She seemed to indicate the student’s readiness for future professional activity. When he tries to write the students to apply their knowledge, analyze the results of their actions, inventing a new upgrade. Here, the student is revealed as a brilliant experimenter, virtuoso attorney, creative manager or a successful financial man, showing just before his abilities and personality.

When theses review sharpened Commission concentrate mainly on its practical side. The lion’s share of the time dedicated to the protection of their history. It is therefore almost perfect. This part of the rule interest the readers. Ask, “What could he do about this?”, “What new successful turnaround did”, and “What did he achieve in this direction?”, “What do these studies do?” All this and much more interested in checking. Therefore, the second chapter is better to make a masterpiece in a unique artistic performance.