What Innervates the peroneal nerve?

The common peroneal nerve, also known as the common fibular nerve, is a major nerve that innervates the lower extremity. As one of the two major branches off the sciatic nerve, it receives fibers from the posterior divisions of L4 through S2.

What nerve Innervates peroneus brevis?

superficial peroneal nerve
The superficial peroneal nerve supplies motor innervation to the following muscles: Peroneus longus muscle. Peroneus brevis muscle.

What nerve Innervates the Dorsiflexors of the foot?

The branches of the common peroneal nerve innervate and control the muscles in the legs that lift the ankle and toes upward (dorsi flexion). Mild peroneal nerve injuries can cause numbness, tingling, pain and weakness.

What nerve Innervates plantar flexion?

Tibial Nerve
The tibial nerve supplies the muscles that extend the hock and flex the digits. It provides cutaneous sensory innervation to the plantar surface of the foot and the caudal surface of the limb.

Is peroneal nerve sensory or motor?

The superficial fibular (peroneal) nerve provides the motor supply to the fibularis longus and fibularis brevis muscles´╗┐, and sensory supply to the skin of the lower anterolateral aspect of the leg.

What Innervates 2nd and 3rd toe?

medial plantar nerve
The medial plantar nerve supplies sensation to the great toe, second, third, and medial side of the fourth toe. The plantar digital nerves lie just plantar to the digital arteries.

What nerve Innervates the long and short peroneal muscles?

Superficial fibular nerve
Common fibular nerve

Common fibular (peroneal) nerve
From sacral plexus via sciatic nerve (L4-S2)
To Deep fibular nerve and Superficial fibular nerve
Innervates Anterior compartment of leg, lateral compartment of leg, extensor digitorum brevis

What nerves innervate the lower leg and foot?

The sciatic nerve, which provides motor innervation to the muscles of the posterior thigh and sensory innervation to the lateral side of the lower leg and lateral side and sole of the foot, ends just above the posterior knee in the popliteal fossa and bifurcates into the common fibular and tibial nerves.

What nerve Innervates the ball of the foot?

the tibial nerve
The plantar nerves are a pair of nerves innervating the sole of the foot. They arise from the posterior branch of the tibial nerve.

What nerve Innervates the ankle?

Abstract. Three nerves innervate the skin in the foot and ankle region: the saphenous, sural, and superficial peroneal nerves. Because they are close to the medial and lateral malleoli, these nerves are at significant risk during orthopedic interventions.

What are symptoms of peroneal nerve damage?


  • Decreased sensation, numbness, or tingling in the top of the foot or the outer part of the upper or lower leg.
  • Foot that drops (unable to hold the foot up)
  • “Slapping” gait (walking pattern in which each step makes a slapping noise)
  • Toes drag while walking.
  • Walking problems.
  • Weakness of the ankles or feet.

What nerve Innervates the 3rd and 4th toe?

Cutaneous branches: plantar digital nerves run to the sides of the medial three and the medial half of the fourth toe. The nerves extend onto the dorsum and supply the nail beds and the tips of the toes.