It is no secret that when the work of course, the teacher’s attention focused on the correct spelling of the administration. It is considered the guarantor of recognition for the work done. They can unleash the complete theoretical and practical parts, they run perfectly. However, forget the introduction of careful consideration; admit a serious mistake, because that is what it is the depth of your acquaintances who are revealed with the subject.

How to write an introduction to the coursework?

First, to write a conceptual paper, enter the number of chapters for future work. Some teachers do not need two, but three chapters in the work. In addition to the traditional theoretical and practical chapters in some studies, there may be two theoretical and one practical part. So listen closely to the teacher’s coursework requirements.


The structure of the introduction to the coursework. Example. Sample

First, any work, both in pedagogy and in law, begins with urgency. Relevance – is the importance of the subject. They write about why it is necessary to investigate the role they play in the development of science, technology and society. Understand irrelevant fact does not happen. Each question has a special role in the progress and improvement of a process of technical, scientific, intended for information. In addition, your job is to write about its importance in the header insertion.

Secondly, you must specify the research problem. The problem is, of course, work – it is a matter of research for you to respond in the course of it and. It starts with the words: What, what, what, what…

For example, if the topic of the course on the computer works like a “professional problems solved calculation table”, the problem of this work will be: “What the professional tasks are solved using a table.”

Third, the need to describe the objectives of the study. Usually problems are only four. The first task is as follows:

  1. To investigate (see explore) literature about the examined (examined, investigated) the problem.
  2. To check (examine, explore) the content of the key concepts. Key concepts – these terms are fundamental to the work. The introduction to the formulation of their tasks easy to transfer, and in the work give them a clear definition of different sources.

If the first two goals are purely theoretical orientation, the next two – the practical. The third task is devoted to a description of what you are proposing to introduce a new subject for research. Either you offer a way to solve the problem; either use the experience of the predecessors. The task can be search and selection of diagnostic materials for the investigation of the problems of the course work. In the fields of research, development software, calculations the fourth task is dedicated to the development of the various recommendations. The fourth goal reflects your personal contribution to researching the subject, your development.

Fourth, give the purpose of the work is what you are looking for. The goal of the work could be the development and implementation of a variety of techniques; the recommendations are not a simple study of the theoretical material on research and the creation of innovations in this regard. Next, describe the object and subject matter of the study.

Many students confuse the object and subject matter of the study. This is not acceptable when writing a housework. The goal – a process that takes up the topic. It can be legal, economic, information, educational processes, and the process of human life. Object – that is what the research process sent.

Return to the subject of our proposed course: “Professional problems calculation table solved.” The subject of this research will be tabular processors, and the object – the professional activity of the person.

From the check course, teacher sharpened his focus on the introduction and the first of his patterns, that if a student can tell himself the work written when familiar with the subject, whether it is revealed to the end. Therefore, any development work, and not just the course, will begin by the introduction with the thinking. This will help you not only build an excellent brand, but also competently the presentation of the work itself.